FXDD's 200:1 margin leverage

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by isaac000, Nov 17, 2006.

  1. New to Forex here. I am looking for a good broker with 200:1 margin leverage. FXDD offers 100:1 leverage on standard accounts and 200:1 leverage on mini accounts. I am thinking: in order to get the 200:1 leverage, one can just open a mini account, and trade 10 times of lots than you would trade with a standard account. The result is the same. Am I correct? Any other differences between standard and mini that I may have missed?
  2. Slavchik


    First of all contact the broker you've chosen - my personal recommendation ;)
    At last week I've inquiried this one and get 1:200 for acc much more than "mini"

    With ;))), S.
  3. ignatius


    Who in their right mind uses 400:1 leverage. Go to the casino, you'll enjoy it more. I could understand if you're earning interest on unused margin, but...
  4. op, i give u 1 week before u go belly up with that attitude.
  5. Yes, if you are very lucky and don't lose your entire money.
    Just an advice: with a mini account you will the money right away. You have to be almost perfect in you trading decisions to grow a mini account to a standard one.
  6. isaac000, may I ask if you are a scalper or a very short term trader?..excuse me, if my question is off topic...