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    Does anyone have any direct experience with FXDD from a broker/fiduciary perspective and from their platforms, in particular their Currenex? I was checking out their demo Currenex (not much to add there - it's Currenex) and their spreads are inline with other ECNs, from .5 to 1.5, even in cable. There commission is rather attractive too, starting at 20/mill up to 250mil/mth and going down to 12/mill over 1 bil. Decent costs if you do volume or your group does. And they allow sizes down to 10k.

    Love to hear any stories good and bad as a broker and their Currenex platform. I know they have been around a while, but their lack of NFA registration gives me pause.

  2. first£¬demo account means nothing£¬the quote is not real £¨just like duka demo£©
    I feel very disappointed with ADM£¨Currenex platform£©. I look into the live account before i deposit fund £¬the gbp/usd spread is always 1 pip£¨or more£© higher than IB£¬obvious the quote is not ecn platform. it maybe the same with other company which offers Currenex platform.
    i do have a live account with duka and mbtf, i think IB spread £¨the Major pair£©is the best £¬and i am very happy with it .
  3. as for the fund safety£¬IB is the most reliable£¬if you have more than 1 million usd £¬then better find a PB with Currenex platform£¨it seems Barclay a good choice£©.
    that is all i know£¬hope to help you.
  4. I just talked to a representative £¬BARCLAYS CAPITAL don¡®t except individuals for an account. and he admit that spread can not beat IB platform£¬because IB combine serval bank quote and liquidity. It seems reasonable.