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    FXDD is finally getting their act together and getting registered properly in the USA.


    I had demo'd their Currenex a while back and they quoted me good starting rates (20/MM and tiering down from 250MM capping out at 12/MM @ 1B) which makes them more than competitive with IB (except for that insured Account thing tho).

    They might be worth taking a serious look now.
  2. cstfx- wondering if you have tried trading live with them via the Currenex platform?
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    I was thinking about it but met them at the Expo and boy, what a bunch of assholes. Came across as bad used car salesmen.

    Also, since they are NFA'd, they are no longer part of Tradition, so their capital base is all theirs now - no parent to watch over them.
  4. They also will try and bulk transfer you over to FXDD Malta as soon as you are up and running!
  5. Hmm. Too bad. Any knowledge of VcapFx?
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    I used them a couple of years ago when they were an ib for FC Stone before Stone had issues. Overall good experience with the guys - commish was a little high compared to what most are charging now, but generally good experience. Don't know who they ib for now.