FXDD don't return the money and don't answer the email.

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by igor00, Aug 3, 2007.

  1. igor00


    At 27.07.2007 i send the funds redemption form, and still don't have any answer and money at my bank account.

    I recommend all people open account with FXCM.
  2. sim03


    You know, your logic (regarding FXCM) is brilliant. It also removes whatever credibility your post might have had otherwise.

    Now, I have no connection to FXDD and know nothing about their practices. However, it's pretty well known that FXDD is a large forex dealer and a wholly owned sub of a much larger company... so the chances of their refusing to return your money are, let's say, remote. Did you "send" the funds redemption form or did you "fax" it? Did you specify the original funding bank account? Most important (and kind of obvious), have you contacted FXDD by phone or instant chat (besides your email) and confirmed that they had actually received your request in the first place? And, if so, what its exact current status is? Or are you sitting back... making assumptions... waiting... posting on ET?

    Of course, you will let us know how and when this story ends, rather than leaving the thread hanging, as is sometimes the case. Thanks.
  3. igor00


    At 27.07.2007 i has subtraction requsted sum from account balance. Right now request in accounts department.

    In my past experience with wire tranfer funds with forex brokers and other wire transfers i recieve tranfer not later 2-3 work days. It is normal. Not 5 days. I send scanned document.
  4. Peter35


    This's not a big delay and you shouldn't count the weekend days.
  5. igor00


    What is normal (usual) delay for this operation with FXDD?

    I don't count weekends.
  6. igor00




    Hi Igor,
    I contacted FXDD on your behalf.
    It can taked upto 5 working days for redemption request.

    Kind Regards,
    Greg Hay
    VP Business Development
    FX-Auto / Tradency

  7. igor00



    They twice do redemption by using one document, they want my call, margin call...
  8. igor00


    Thankyou to support...

    The margin is returned.
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  9. igor00


    I recieve the money.

    The first time i make mistake with number of bank account.

    And at first time was needed some detail information about bank account. So it was usual, worked situation.
  10. So the fault was yours, not the broker. Pravda?
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