fxdd anyone????

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  1. anyone know any grit on these guys?
  2. I've heard good things about them... I'm looking into them also and they have been very responsive so far.
  3. "mahras2", posting the Systematic FX Trading Journal, has apparently just switched to FXDD. You may want to ask him to comment here.
  4. kool, thanks. i have been searching for an oanda look alike with higher margins.

    preliminaries look good for fxdd
  5. Kind of small firm, guys like these are a dime a dozen.

  6. uhhh...small and dime a dozen? what else you got...
  7. I actually think they are a very large firm, but not well known on the retail side.
  8. howbeit tart...that was my point...
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    does fxdd have an auto trade system where i can specify entry and exit price, and if reached then an order will be executed ?

    NOT a limit order that sits in fxdd's book, but an API application s/w that resides on MY computer with preconfigured prices
    waiting for the price to hit the screen

    When this s/w is configured with specific price to enter or exit, and if the quote screen reaches that price, it will trigger a sell or buy based on the predetermindes instructions.

    Does NetPicks do that ?

    what about ONADA ?
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    FXDD is a company member of one of the top 3 major company in brokerage named Tradition Group, Tradition have presence in 22 countries so it's really big.

    About his individual size, I must tell you that his actual capital is around 350,000 USD, some like the 20% more that the minimum required by the NFA but this can be just a strategy from Tradition Group, because for practical purposes, the company is as big as tradition group.

    About the possibility to get a trading system i think the answer is yes because they use as one of two offered platforms, the metatrader, so if you program a trade system in mql II, it can be operating by it self, and metatrader offer you the possibility to make back test as well (personally I don't recommend use a automated trading system because all these work fine in dynamic trending markets but force you to give it back in a choppy market) but the possibility is there for you.
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