FXCM sucks. I am sick of slippage in fills.

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  1. And you should add, that he doesnt have to worry about a pip spread..... to Break even on the position.

    IB charges $4.20 to $5.70 for a round trip.

    All you need is one tick of movement in your favor (@ 12.50/ tick) to be in profit.

    Makes a lot more sense than retail FOREX
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    Good answers. Problem is they dont offer minis (10k lots). Therefore, appropriate money management cant be exercised using futs with a small account
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    What is the opinion of those of you who trade Cash FX at Interactive. I have seen a few people post but none with an opinion. Just curious......
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  5. surdo, please do not private message me again and for your own good you show get some help. ,your not right in your head. All i asked was simple question and that set you off .
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  6. I think he got a tad frustrated when people offered you advice and instead of simply stating that you are ONLY interested in trading FOREX and not Futures of anytype...

    Well you get the idea. Heck i even put up a post and then pulled it after 2nd thought.

    My Grandad always said, you can lead a horse to water but you cant make him drink.

    I think if you opened your mind and really looked at CME Globex Currency Futures you;d find they are easier to deal with than FOREX, not to mention more "reputable"

    But if not, hey we tried. LOL.

    AS we say.. No Love Lost....
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