FXCM sucks. I am sick of slippage in fills.

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  1. I have been trading for over 5yrs and profitable for 18 mnths trading spot forex so i am not asking for your help in learning how to trading . I am having my best month with a short trade i had on the jpy. Never traded a stock or emini once alway spot forex so i dont know about the futures market.In spot fx there is no slippage except after 5 min of a news announcement obviously that is not so in the futures market .You always pay one way or another.
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  2. virgin



    What broker you use ?
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  3. Surdo


    Yes it's quite obvious that you do ZERO research, and you know what, nobody is going to spoon feed you to profitable trading.

    I never said there is NO slippage, every market has slippage, Trade Fx @ a bucket shop and lemme' know how it works out for you kid.

    I see you have not learned very much since joining in 2002.

    Good Luck.
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  4. Most often in the futures there is a two point bid/ask but at times it is one point.

    My comission at IB is 3.86 round turn(unbundled) because I place a lot of orders in ER2 and CL. So theoretically I can have a profitable trade within a one pip fluctuation in the E-mini currencies.

    When the Yen or BP futures are busy one can certainly scalp for 2-3 points/pips, and I have done it, basically making a living inside the dealer spread. :D

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    I've read a lot of bad posts about FXCM so I've decided to open an account with them and see for myself. I have been trading with them for almost 1 year now. I have never had problems with them. I do not place trades 5-10 minutes after news event. Last week, the market went at my exit price to closed my position and I did not received my fills. I called them, they audited my trades and I have received my fills, the same day. This has been my experience with them.
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  6. The problem with futures is the lack of liquidity. There is far more on the reputable ECNs and hopefully this will only improve with marketspace and the fxall offerings.
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    Of course,what else could you do.
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  8. u gotta wonder what these folks got for brains...:confused:
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    Correct me if I'm wrong:

    1) Minimum contract size for currency futures is 100 k notional.

    What is minimum accnt size? Do futures fall under the pattern day trader rule.

    If so, the advantage of spot fx for the little guy is obvious
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    A. There is NO PDT rule that applies to Futures.
    B. The performance bond intraday is as low as $500/ contract,
    In most cases it's $2295 for a contract worth $125,000 Euros.
    C. You can open a Futures account with as little as $5000.

    Did I mention nobody to bet against your position?

    el surdo
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