FXCM sucks. I am sick of slippage in fills.

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by midlifeguy, Mar 9, 2007.

  1. I use http://www.cmsfx.com/en/ for years and happy with them. Yesterday I received email ,they lowering the spread on most pairs. Here is the old spread:
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  2. Bow if Only they would offer fixed spreads on stocks :)

    Personally I agree, why trade FX when Globex is sooooo much better....

    You'd be better off trading the Dow Mini.....
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  3. here is the email

    Dear Trader,

    FXCM now offers typical spreads of 2 pips on EUR/GBP, as well as lowered spreads on 12 additional currency pairs for all accounts on our No Dealing Desk execution platform. See our live executable prices with a free demo account. Open Demo Account

    FXCM is continually increasing the number of banks providing pricing for No Dealing Desk execution. Because No Dealing Desk pricing is derived directly from banks, competition can lead to narrower spreads for FXCM clients.

    Watch closely for lower spreads in the following currency pairs:

    Currency Pair New Typical Spread*
    EUR/GBP 2
    EUR/CHF 2
    CHF/JPY 4
    AUD/JPY 5
    GBP/CHF 6
    AUD/CAD 6
    CAD/JPY 6
    EUR/CAD 6
    NZD/JPY 7
    EUR/AUD 8
    EUR/NZD 10
    AUD/NZD 11
    GBP/AUD 13

    * New Typical Spread refers to all accounts, except HK-based and Japanese yen denominated accounts.

    If you have any questions about this new feature, please contact our product specialists at 888-503-6739, chat with us, or reply to this email at info@fxcm.com. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
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    The ONLY reason to trade Fx over Fx Futures is if you absolutely have to trade any of the other pairs, such as a hedge against receivables in import/export. I tried traded Fx and it is the WILD WILD west, eventually you will get shot!

    Good trading!
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  5. what are the times for daytrading . I heard there is very little liquidity for the london hrs . It shouldnt matter if trading under 5 lots though!
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  6. Surdo


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    even FXCM non-dealing desk is a joke:eek:
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  8. a nother negative i heard about futures was there was no guarenteed fills like spot. I heard many times you get a fill off by a pip or 2( especially in the london hrs) . With spot you always get your price except right after news anouncements but even in a fast moving markets i get the price I want. Is this true about fx futures?
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  9. well i guess your saying there is no slippage ?Its a guarenteed $5 like u said. and no i dont do hrs of research before i ask question on this board
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  10. virgin


    With futures you have "fair" slippage, not with FXCM
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