FXCM Sponsors the CNBC Australia Currency Challenge

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  1. Jason Rogers

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    Sydney Australia -22, September 2009-FXCM Australia Ltd (www.fxcm.com.au) join with CNBC (www.cnbc.com.au) to bring Australia the CNBC.com Currency Challenge. Beginning officially on October 6th, 2009, contestants can register throughout the duration of the contest to play.

    Today begins the practice session that will last until the weekend leading up to October 6th. Contestants can become familiar with the contest platform, practice trading, and create a winning strategy.

    In this virtual trading competition of currency trading, competitors will be allocated with 1,000,000 virtual dollars known as “CNBC Bucks” to trade on a platform powered by FXCM, one of the foremost currency trading firms. For ten weeks, traders will compete for the grand prize, an Alfa Romeo. In addition, a weekly prize will be awarded to the trader with the highest percentage of weekly growth in the form of a $1000 AUD live forex trading account with FXCM Australia.

    FXCM, the exclusive sponsor of the event and one of the world’s largest forex brokers will provide free forex trading education resources to all contestants, including the option for every registered player to receive a free FX Power Course, FXCM’s premier 8 day online trading course. Learn more here: http://www.forextrading.com.au/cnbc-freecourse.jsp


    Anyone who opens a live FXCM AU forex trading account with a minimum of $300 AUD within the duration of the contest will have the opportunity to get a $100 AUD bonus deposited into their account

    For complete contest rules, and to register for CNBC.com’s Currency Challenge, please visit: http://www.currencychallenge.net/
  2. Should be the Dumb and Dumber contest.
  3. So you're signed up?

    Seriously though. It's not the broker's fault everyone is losing money in this market. It's the morons behind the screen without an edge.

    Get real guys. Now i've said my peace. Flame away.

    I have no problem with FXCM. They've given me EVERY check i've requested and within the next 2-3 business days for most. 10x better than I can say for Scottrade back when I traded with them.
  4. Jason,

    How are those contingent OCO orders coming along for US-based customers?

    Or is FXCM still flipping the US a giant bird?


  5. Jason?


    Are you out there, Jason?
  6. Jason Rogers

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    Hi ddaytrader,

    The last time we spoke there was talk of it being included in the update for October. I'll check on the status of contingent OCO orders and get an answer for you. I'll reply on Tuesday at the latest.

  7. You'll have to be patient, linking orders on a trading platform is very complicated....
  8. LOL!

    This is such a step backward I'm waiting to get the email that says FXCM will no longer accept electronic orders and all orders must be phoned in for desk quotes and fills.
  9. leorc


    dont know how this 10 weeks contest will turn out, but by going over the trading record of those went through FXCM's monthly contest, a lot of those guys dont even know how to trade, just bet a 500 bucks in it and woho~, he got the jackpot and 3000% return in a month. King of dumber hill.

    Some traders in those monthly contest do know how to trade tho, but they dont register insane percentage return as those gamblers do.
  10. Jason Rogers

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    Hi ddaytrader,

    Contingent OCO orders will not be in the release in October. It is still a planned release for the platform, but not in the next update.

    As I've done with all of our previous communications, I'll let you know the information we have availabe. I'm hesistant to give a month at all since the release is always subject to change.

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