FXCM server is down again ! ! !

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  1. FXCM server is down again ! ! !
  2. makes perfect sense since i am in the green ! ! ! lol
  3. I thought you'd given up for a while? Couldn't keep away huh :D
  4. lol

    how often is your trading platform down? just curious...
  5. Oanda? It went through a spell of disconnections (strangely enough right on every NFP!), then we had poor connection for a while, now we've got lagging quotes and slippage......I guess most of them have problems, maybe on purpose, I mean how hard can it be to keep a platform up and running nowadays?

    CMC on the other hand are pretty good, plus they have efficient phone dealers, I timed it one day and it took ~15 seconds to get a quote and fill, and that's including speed-dialling the number!
  6. quick question:

    if you and I both have the same fx broker and are trading the same currency pair, are we supposed to be the exact same bid and ask - or is that at the broker's discretion

    for example, I see 1.6555 / 1.6558 but you see 1.6558 / 1.6660

    is this in accordance with regulations ?
  7. Broker discretion. There is no central exchange in the FX world.
  8. Individual pricing based on our respective positions? I don't think it would be against any regulation or their terms of business, but I'm not sure it's something any mainstream MM would do as it's so easily detectable, they just quote according to their book and their liquidity providers quotes.

    Without a doubt the whole retail bucketshop business is rigged in the broker's favor, I guess all we can do is try to compensate for their little tricks....with a few little tricks of our own :)
  9. Jason Rogers

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    With FXCM it would depend on the account type setup, whether it be active trader, standard 10k, micro, or even possibly if your referring broker is charging a markup in the spread. Individual traders are not singled out with different feeds.
  10. Dealers shade price, sure. If you're known to be a "sell to open" trader of yen, then they can mark price a few pips higher in say EURJPY.
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