FXCM proving what TRASH it is, once again.

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  1. Hmm, you're a democrat that is quick to blame someone else for his problems instead of accepting responsibility...that's pretty typical of members of your party...
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  2. I've never heard consistent good reviews about ANY forex firm. Not one. Gain were major sc-mbags, as well.

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  3. I do know that a brokerage I worked at froze up like mad with microlot stuff, and they used a version of the fxcm software. It could be legit tech errors.

    Ive traded a lot with their standard and mini accounts without problems, FWIW, but never micro.
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  4. Well I say it’s better to recognize a problem and have the wrong solutions, than to never see the problem at all. Republicans sometimes just don’t get it.
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  5. I will say that Democrats certainly do have the wrong solutions...free healthcare for illegal aliens, bailing out banks and automakers that made bad decisions...the list goes on...all paid for by increasing taxes on productive citizens. Yeah, let's see how well your socialism works in a recession...our country is fucked! :eek:
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  6. FXCM used to be so good when they guaranteed all stops and the euro dollar used to gap 150 pips on the non farms.

    There again the other brokers would let you leave orders, slip you 10 pips but if it was a false break then you could cancel the order after due a fill as they were so busy it would take them 10/20 minutes to process the orders.

    Those were the days!
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  7. What planet have you been on? Bush did absolutely nothing and in fact aggrevated the immigration problems. He did nothing to solve healthcare costs. He was the one who started the bank bailouts. He never stood up to Greenscam or Bernankrupt to curb the excessive credit and housing bubble.

    And why is everyone always demonizing the auto makers so much. They are going broke partly because they pay their employees too much! Imagine that, in the land of outsourcing, insourcing, layoffs, less pay, lower benefits, less workers rights, all to benefit the Man, a few companies are still paying people a good wage. Besides, the auto’s aren’t going broke because of high wages, they are losing market share. There is nothing they can do about this. Only black and white people drive American cars. However even some of them are buying foreign cars due to their increased presence due to non white/black people increasing their sales. The non white/black population are the groups that are increasing now, so the auto’s will continue to lose market share.

    The Republicans have screwed up enough over the past 8 years, let’s give the Dems a chance. How long until you people realize that excessive corporate greed will lead to Socialism. Trying to keep the little guy down, will inevitable backfire.
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  8. i can understand your frustration with a freezing platform but all your ranting shows what a newb you are...i would certainly have all dealing desk numbers at my trading station to call directly and exit a trade as soon as the system started freezing up...stop your whining!
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  9. Ok, I will concede that the Bush administration wasn't perfect..far from it...but Clinton actually started the subprime mess by pressurig Fannie and Freddie to lend to more low income and credit score borrowers. http://query.nytimes.com/gst/fullpa...933A0575AC0A96F958260&sec=&spon=&pagewanted=1
    Granted, Bush could have done more to stop the mess, but Democrats would have exacerbated the problem by pushing for MORE subprime lending!! you should read this too: http://overthehilloracles.wordpress.com/2008/09/09/the-obama-fannie-freddie-connection/
    Also, Raines and Johnson, two FNM CEOs are now Obama's advisors...hmmm...

    I also think it's BS that Bush pushed for amnesty for illegals already in the country, but do like the fact that he tried to strengthen border control. I can't blame illegals for wanting to come into our country for a better life..hell, our ancestors did the same...but it's insane that illegals, who have never paid into our tax system, can come here and get free health care and benefits, paid for by the American taxpayer! that is just crap perpetuated by the Democrats to increase their voter base at the expense of our country's resources...because what illegal alien becomes a republican...think about it....

    anyways, there are too many people that elected Obama blinded by his promises of "change" without realizing exactly what that change will cost them and our great nation. I'm not excited about my taxes going up to help the stupid, lazy people who just want a handout, because they feel "entitled" to one...
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  10. Look Clinton’s to blame (loose lending standards, glass steagall etc), Bush is to blame (no balls), there’s a lot blame to go around. Time just named the 25 top people to blame. I was dissapointed that Dodd and Barney Frank weren’t on the list. But the Fed controls the money, they are to blame. They created this so they can be the ones to fix it. I actually think Fannie and Freddie were somewhat victims in this. Obviously they are government corporations, so who cares. But they were forced to buy mortgages and loosen standards. The self funded mortgage companies have nobody to blame but themselves.

    The immigrants of today are not the immigrants of yesterday. It’s time to overhaul our immigration policy’s, but this won’t happen under Obama because they vote Democrat. It didn’t happen with Bush because he was trying to get cheap labor for his corporate buddies. I’m 24 and voted for Bush. He let me down. He did nothing to help me. I don’t want a handout, but under his reign all I’ve seen his everything getting harder. I saw this recession coming a long time ago. Does anybody here know anybody under 30 who owns a house? I know one person. That’s it. You want to know why? Because my generation has it so much harder. My generation is paying for the wealth of the baby boomers and record corporate profits. We have to work twice as hard for the same thing, but now we can’t even work because all of the immigrants are taking all of our jobs and creating such a tight labor market. I just went to a test to work for the Census. All of the bilingual people will be picked ahead of me because I don’t know Spanish.

    Your philosophy of “taxes going up to help the stupid, lazy people who just want a handout, because they feel "entitled" to one...” has no merit. Most people who vote Democrat are not those people. Take that lady that spoke to Obama. I don’t know much about her situation, but I guess she was homeless because her son lost his job. I’m guessing his job either went to Mexico, or a Mexican came here and took his job for less money. Help the rich at the expense of the poor. That's been the Bush era. She voted for Obama because he offered her hope, McCain offered more war. So you see how people like me would be inclined to vote for Obama. Republicans are offering no solutions. Tax cuts? You've got to be kidding. The poor and middle class hardley pay any taxes, so how is that going to help them? Tax cuts over the past 8 years has widened the rich/poor gap, not narrowed it.

    Anyways we’re getting off subject here. The FXCM micro platform has been great for the past week. No hang ups. I’m a terrible trader, but through some weird twist of fate, I have managed to to turn $25 into over $200 in 2 weeks. I don’t know why, but it seems everything has been going my way. Out of my first 150 trades, I had 1 loser, and that was because I meant to sell and instead bought. I just found out that they have API. I just got it enabled and tried one of their samples out and it worked. I don’t know much else about it, but will look at it over the weekend. It would be great to try some automation on a micro account.
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