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Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by Gcapman, May 1, 2010.

  1. Gcapman


    It says in the link: http://support.fxcm.com/contact-fxcm/

    When is it appropriate to call the trading desk?
    All FXCM clients are encouraged to call the trading desk under the following conditions:

    No immediate access to the Internet
    Fail to receive a confirmation on an order placed online
    Internet failure or failure to connect to the FXCM server

    Does this apply to micro accounts as well?

    After all, we are now paying the same spread as normal accounts?

    Please advise......
  2. Gcapman


    No response?

    I guess FXCM is dedicated to continuing their FUCKED up customer service.......

    FYI: Dukascopy has great customer service
  3. Jason Rogers

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    Hi Gcapman,

    Sorry about the delay in replying to you on Elite Trader.

    Elite Trader is not FXCM's customer support center so my response may not be same day, but I will try to answer as quickly as possible. FXCM Micro customer support is found through the FXCM Micro website.
    Please use the micro support center for the fastest response.

    I'll answer any questions when possible, but if I'm out of the office, then I will reply when I get back. BTW, a big thank you to any traders that attended the FXCM Currency Trading Expo in Las Vegas Monday and Tuesday. There was a great turnout!

    To answer your question, phone trading is available for micro accounts during tech issues. The phone number for micro accounts to call will be listed on www.fxstatus.com during the tech issue.

  4. Gcapman


    What do you consider a tech issue? Last week, I could not log into my trading platform with a sizeable position -- is it okay to call customer service to get my position closed in this situation?
  5. Jason Rogers

    Jason Rogers ET Sponsor

    If you can't login or modify/close trades due to a problem occurring on FXCM's side, it is a technical issue.

    How do you know if it's on FXCM's side? The website www.fxstatus.com will let you know if FXCM is experiencing a tech issue. The website updates by itself every 30 seconds with the most up to date information.

    So best thing to do is first check www.fxstatus.com. If there is a tech issue on FXCM's side, the phone number for you to call will be displayed. If no tech issue, no phone number displayed..
  6. Gcapman


    So I would be able to get my positions closed in such an event?

  7. Jason Rogers

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