FXCM new joke

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by Nana Trader, Aug 16, 2006.

  1. Over 78,000 accounts *
    Fixed 3 Pip Spreads **

    Make sure you go to "Live chat" and congratulate them for those advancement, i already did :)
  2. where's joke?:confused:
  3. mahras2


    I love when they tout they are the "biggest FX brokers".

    Oanda is and they are no where close to being the biggest.
  4. how do you know oanda biggest?
    besides their platform down latetly,spreads are huge too
  5. I think you are a bigger joke lol
  6. mahras2



    FXCM: 22MM
    Oanda: 33MM

    What you need to understand is that spreads are always variable. Spreads are never "fixed" as the underlying market (interbank) isn't fixed either. People need to learn about the role of market makers.

    When retail houses say that spreads are fixed, they do so in order to extract profits from unsuspecting customers who don't realize that:

    A) they are able to hedge their positions for < then the fixed spread thus they earn the differential

    B) they don't adhere to these fixed spreads during fast markets anyways which is EXACTLY the times that you would need fixed spreads.
  7. See attached re 'fixed' and don't think it doesn't apply to ALL fx brokers.