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    Now that all traders with FXCM are dealing NDD

    There is no reason why their quotes should be significantly different from Dukascopy

    You can constantly refer to their website - where they have real-time live quotes


    If there is ever a spike not in sync with Dukascopy, you can get the trade reconciled
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    I'm led to believe that FXCM NDD might be a hoax....

    Dukascopy is only showing 3-4 pips on EurYen and FXCM is showing 9-15 pips

    After that massive move, if they lost money due to trading against clients they need to make up that lost money

    Ergo, they raise the spread

    That being said, during that crazy 1,000 pip move on EurYen, their quotes were very consistent with Dukascopy......impressive
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    On May 6 2010, we experienced extremely volatile market conditions across all financial markets.

    We would like to give you a summary of what occurred to explain the reasons behind today’s market volatility.

    First, institutions were very cautious due to tomorrow’s UK Elections, US Nonfarm Payrolls, and the Canadian unemployment rate announcement.

    In addition to that we had several market moving events. These include:

    7:45 ET – European Central Bank Interest Rate Decision

    8:30 ET – Trichet speaks at ECB Monthly News Conference

    14:46 – Dow dropped almost 1,000 points and the bulk of the drop happened in less than an hour. The reason behind this drop was reported to be that Citi Bank’s trading desk accidentally sold 16 billion US Dollars worth of e-minis, when they were supposed to sell 16 Million.

    After the big drop, two Fed officials came out with back to back announcements to help stabilize the market.

    15:04 – Report that Fed’s Hoenig states that tomorrow’s jobs report will be positive

    15:06 - Report that Fed’s Evans sees 3.5% economic growth in the US this year

    Over the recent months, there has been a strong correlation between the US stock markets and the Japanese Yen. When the Dow plunged today, so did the Japanese Yen crosses. We saw JPY crosses drop between 350 (USD/JPY) and 1248 (GBP/JPY) points. We saw comparable volatility in non Yen crosses as well.

    As a result most major banks that provide liquidity to the currency market turned off their FX price feeds for up to 30 minutes. This led to rejected and hanging orders for many FX traders. During this time FXCM immediately routed orders to any remaining banks, however FXCM clients were still subject to the thin liquidity and poor execution being provided by the market.

    Market volatility and liquidity has returned to close to normal levels. However, there are still some major market moving events coming up tomorrow so manage your market exposure accordingly.

    While FXCM cannot make any overriding statement on adjustments to positions that were negatively affected by today’s events, if you would like us to look into one or more of your trades, please submit an audit form through this link Audit Form and our audit committee will follow up with you as soon as possible.
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    Now that I've put out the statement from FXCM...I'd like to add on to what they had said (from my own perspective).

    The NYSE and NASDAQ had errors and order issues.

    Electronic Trading to Blame for Plunge, NYSE Says (Update1) - Bloomberg.com

    May 6 (Bloomberg) -- Computerized trades sent to electronic networks turned an orderly stock market decline into a rout today, according to Larry Leibowitz, the chief operating officer of NYSE Euronext.

    While the first half of the Dow Jones Industrial Average’s 998.5-point plunge probably reflected normal trading, the selloff snowballed because of orders sent to venues with no investors willing to match them, Leibowitz said in an interview on Bloomberg Television.

    Nasdaq to Cancel U.S. Trades That Moved More Than 60% (Update1) Nasdaq OMX Group Inc. said it will cancel stock trades on all exchanges that were more than 60 percent above or below prices at 2:40 p.m. New York time, just before U.S. equities plummeted.

    I believe the first 1/2 of trading earlier today was over Greek fears. For instance, Here's something Japan just announced that they are doing right now:

    Bank of Japan Pumps 2 Trillion Yen Into System on Greek Crisis The Bank of Japan said it will pump 2 trillion yen ($21.8 billion) into the financial system after the Greek debt crisis caused instability in financial markets in the U.S. and Europe.