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    is it good or bad? I know there alot hatred towards it. But just want hear people who have accounts with them are the demo spread same and live spreads. thanks.
  2. I had FXCM micro. Since I am not a scalper/day trader I did not care about spreads too much but I think they are higher than average. The "feature" I hated most about it, is waiting for my money by check. They only offer one way of withdrawing money.
    They do seem more polished than CMS forex.

    I do believe that the best way to start learning forex is to have a micro account instead of a fictional 50K demo account.
  3. They offer 400:1 leverage but the spreads on that would make it difficult to trade.
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    They offer 400:1 leverage but the spreads on that would make it difficult to trade.

    This have only one advantage -offer contest
    for account 500$ minimum.

    Objective -
    Trader will have contest victory in he's trading record

    Platform have not reserved www version for heavy network conditions (gfttrading offer that)
    funds are not secured ( hotspot u.k. secured,
    gfttrading u.k secured)
    is not pure agent ( hotspot is ...
    last time fxcm promouted most corrupt
    metatrader platform

    Matgin 400:1 offer different companies fxsol.com
    Last can offer 1600:1 liquidation margin on request
    for small account
  5. there are a lot of better brokers out there. I had a lot of trouble making money with them, always in the minus.
  6. Let's put it this way, if you can make money consistently on FXCM micro you are a damn good trader. Between the high spreads, crap data feed and intermittent spikes it is tough going. BUT it is a good proving ground and you can easily trade 1k lots with only $100. If you are looking to trade real money then there are better alternatives but FXCM micro is a good step up from a paper trading account.