FXCM Max Leverage is now 50 times

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by Gcapman, Jun 22, 2010.

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    On a standard account

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    how much was it previously.
  3. finally. What are you griping about? Maybe time to work a real job if

    a) you dont have enough capital to trade 25:1
    b) have not made enough when leverage levels were 100:1+

    What are you wining about? If you could not benefit from high leverage levels in the past then why you are pissed off now?


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  5. Because 100:1 and greater actually reduces your risk if you actually know how to trade (multiple systems and positions, etc.).

    If you were more than a keyboard/paper trading warrior, you might have a clue.
  6. this is the absolutely most ridiculous thing I ever heard here on ET. More leverage reduces your risk. Buddy the truth of the story is you are "arm wie eine Kirchenmaus" but play the big Kahuna.

  7. Uh, only if you understand it in such a simplistic way. If you trade multiple systems/time frames (safest way to play FX), you can have many more open positions with increased leverage. Only a fool uses high leverage to take huge directional bets. But I digress..

    Oh, when are you going to take on Proflogic in his trading challenge? Oh, yeah, never...

    (And no, I'm not a student or follower of Proflogic.)
  8. please dont tell someone with years of fx trading experience, institutionally and privately, that anyone who makes money in trading currencies needs more than 20:1 leverage. Thats absurd and only shows how little you understand about prudent trading. Enough said.

  9. FOREX.COM allows 200:1 on its UK customers and yes you can open it as a US citizen/resident

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    Could you ellaborate on why you would need so much leverage? I understand trading different systems and such can reduce risk but wouldnt they essentially reduce your overall account leverage? By this i mean you have a long term bullish Eur/usd position but short term bearish so a short term short therefore net position smaller? Just wondering, thanks in advance.

    Also using more then 50 times leverage in todays currency markets seems shocking to me
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