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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Metamorphosis, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. Salaried(+bonus) junior dealer/trading assistant job at FXCM has been posted on a few sites. I'm not familiar with FXCM's reputation as a place to learn market making, so does anyone have anything to say about FXCM? Has anyone done the gig as a junior trader in the past? What's the turnover like? What do they expect of you?

    I had some close calls at good prop firm but those fell through in the end. Trying to keep my mind open.
  2. JDL


    you never know untill you try it, go for it :eek:
  3. im sure someone there has half a brain, the company makes a killing off spreads.

    regardless, its a third rate fx dealer
  4. The one I saw was 40, which is still low for NY no doubt. If the experience is valuable, I'm willing to invest in myself. At this point in my life, I'd rather build a career as a trader than be stuck in the middle office at an IB. Really depends on the quality of the training and future opportunities.
  5. If FXCM is 3rd rate, which seems fair, I was a dealer at a 4th rate firm, maybe 5th. Im sure FXCM would offer a better experience by far, but the main things I gained from the experience are screen time and thousands of examples of how not to trade. I have no idea how they operate because my bucket shop was pretty much a mickey mouse operation 90% of the time. Working asia and europe will be trying. Dealing with retard forex customers who want a do-over will be maddening. Otherwise might be cool to at least give it a shot.