FXCM is erasing high - May 23

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by Gcapman, May 23, 2010.

  1. Gcapman


    The high in EurYen was like 114.00 -- pre-Sunday opening - interbank action

    I logged in pre-market and saw the whole action

    Then all of a sudden the 114.00 high is erased from my quotes and my charts erased it -- I saw it with my own eyes

    What the fuck is FXCM is going to give as a reason for this ????
  2. Gcapman


    definitely starting to suspect that FXCM NDD is a hoax

    Lately I have been getting rejecting on almost all my market orders.........

    Never happened in the past....

    Or is this a sign that the NDD is in effect ??
  3. what's the NDD ?
  4. Gcapman


    hmmm.................no response from Jason makes me think that I'm onto something........

    Nothing about the act caused loss or profit BUT it is just freakinf weird and suspicious..........

    Would love an explanation....oh welll......
  5. markcfd


    Probably No Dealing Desk
  6. haha, and this coming from the guy who claimed the quotes and dealings with clients by FXCM are on par with Dukascopy? What a joke are you? I mean I never traded with FXCM but isnt it completely apparent that the only reason this bucket shop is not yet closed down is because politicians are even dumber to understand what kind of game is being played.

    If someone should stop wining then its you, after all you have DukasCopy, stick with them and stop defending FXCM.

  7. Gcapman


    It stands for No Dealing Desk execution........basically means that your broker acts as counterparty to your trades
  8. NumLock


    I thought knowledge that FXCM is a bucket shop is widely known.

    Frankly if you don't know the basics such as FXCM being a bucketshop.
    You got no business trading
    I mean this with utmost seriousness I am not being tongue in cheek.
  9. by the way, FXCM saying they employ a pure NDD model is a blatant lie. They FIRST net off all the internal trades by clients, meaning if you buy 100k in EURUSD and another Joe sells 100k around the same time, do you think FXCM is farming out both trades to their liquidity providers? Heck they dont. I wanna bet they categorize winning and losing accounts in separate buckets and handle them "accordingly". Do you really think they could maintain their bloated organization if they only earned a fraction of the spread while the liquidity providers earn the remaining spread? Think again...

  10. Gcapman


    I have to agree with you on the trader account separation - good or sucks theory

    That is why I think I don't experience many of the problems other traders post -- don't get me wrong. I am not saying that I am the world's best trader but I have a decent trading record....thus I get less of the BS IMO
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