FXCM expo june 3-4 NYC

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by marketsurfer, May 31, 2006.

  1. anyone planning on attending the FX expo at the hilton in NYC this weekend?


  2. hard to believe, supposedly 1000's of attendees at this conference. no interest on ET ?

  3. i'll be going this weekend, but i'm not expecting much from this expo. fxcm has been advertising EVERYWHERE...lots of dumb money coming into forex soon...too bad it's not me taking the other side of the trade...
  4. Surdo


    I will be at the beach spending my money!
  5. thanks. i am planning on checking it out on sunday. primarily out of curiosity to see the new participants in FX.

  6. nlslax


    Was curious too. My timing sux...
    Couldn't make the one in Ft Laud (a few hours drive) and plans for this weekend.
    Next time...:(
  7. anyone attend today--saturday? thoughts??

    thank you.
  8. lwlee


    I was there by noon. Caught Lee's Hot Commodity Prices, Liens' DailyFX tips, Greens' Tax tips and Clayburg's High Probability plays.

    Turnout was good especially given that there wasn't a large number of exhibtors.

    All the lectures was informative, useful and up-to-date. Lien and Clayburg went over setups that I thought were practical and useful.

    You can get a great deal on Liens' book for $35. Amazon has it for $44. Schlossbergs' book was also going for $35. Wasn't sure if I should get that.