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Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by virgin, Apr 5, 2007.

  1. virgin


    There has been a discussion in the past whether dbfx was fxcm or not.

    Just by looking at this graph, you see that fxcm started dbfx at the moment fxcm's business started declining .

    "A picture is worth a thousands words"
  2. cashflos


    so you are proposing that FXCM created Deustche Bank FX... really?!

    I was on chat with them and they end their chat with a link to the CFTC site showing they had about 1 out every $3 of all forex dealer members back in September. :confused:

    not to burst your bubble, but website traffic is not exactly 'beyond a reasonable doubt'. they also have www.fxcmtr.com (i do not use their basic one)
  3. what is reach?
  4. Here I was thinking that even the 1.2 pip average spread for EUR.USD that they claim on their website was a ripoff compared to IB's usual 0.5 pip spread. Not sure how IB/IdealPro handled the NFP, it would be interesting to compare. As far as normal pip spread goes, IB crushes these bucket shops:

    2-4 on the majors vs IB's 0.5 - 1pip spreads, no contest. Who's crazy enough to trade through these firms?
  5. DB uses FXCM for their retail operation.... I met with a couple of their salesmen from 60 Wall, and walked away disgusted.