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    Asked FXCM through chat about margin offer 1:400 ,this margin is offered .But recieved multiple suggest's from FXCM personal
    that for 1 lot GBP/JPY
    1:100 = 1000$ per1 lot of GBP/JPY (Demo version calculated 1000$ per lot)
    1:400 = 250$ per one lot of GBP/JPY can be offered on demand

    Tryed to clear for FXCM personal (suspect without success) that for one lot of GBP/JPY
    1000$ margin is 1:200 and 250$ margin is 1:800

    MBTrading calculated for lot GBP/JPY 2000$ ,that is 1:100
    MGforex calculated (before margin rule changed)

    1000$ for lot of GBP/JPY that is 1:200 .Today margin only 1%
    and calculated 2000 $ per lot of GBP/JPY ,that is 1:100
    (pip change in all case's approx 9$ )

    Correct ?

    Your respectfully