FXCM as a broker and/or data provider

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  1. Thats the issue. I want the fast execution of the dealing desk against other clients, as if I could afford a seat on an exchange. But I want it to be accurate and not have to worry about the price not reflecting the market so they can make an extra buck. Their money should come from a padded spread around the actual market. At least this is how I wish it worked.
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    The only lawuits I could find against FXCM were involving introducing brokers (like the signal providers who say you can open such and such firm and get our service half off). One was Gibraltor.

    Go to cftc.org, go to "ask CFTC" under customer protection, then type 'FXCM lawsuits' in the search field.

    I am not married to this one, so if you find anything else, I have a vested interest in it, let me know.
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    I have accounts with both FXCM and Oanda. I switched my FXCM account to their no dealing desk platform before NFP and compared to what I've been seeing on Oanda with 10 pip and sometimes 15 pip spreads on EUR/USD during NFP, FXCM's no dealing desk didn't go above 6. Not to mention I got booted out of Oanda's platform for an hour after their servers crashed. I'm still testing it though to make sure spreads are consistent aroudn news.
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    was there platfom stable during nfp. it didn't freeze up and all that other stuff that happens on there dealing desk platform. did u trade during nfp and if you did how was execution.
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  5. Have you had the chance to test execution times during market news to see if you can actually get these prices during market news? Id be suprised that fxcm has access to banks which offer such better prices than oanda during news releases. I could be wrong.
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    they are pretty big so you never know
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    i was looking at there spreads on there no dealer platform and its not all that good for the currency i trade.


    its the same as there dealer desk platform, i guess the advantage of going this route is not having dealer intervetion
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    fcm's sever improve a lot since 11/8
    no more scalp. . . .there, it doesnt work anymore......
    any broker introduce ?
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    come again!
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