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Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by lucky_irish_man, May 25, 2006.

  1. I was wondering if anyone out there trades on the FXall platform. (www.fxall.com). If so what's your opinion? Haven't been able to find any threads about this platform.

    I have only found two retail trader friendly firms out there that have it with a "resonable" minimum. That is $500,000

    Anyone know of a place with some smaller minimums?

    Although, considering they have 60+ banks all very big names I'm most likely barking up the wrong tree.

    But it doesn't hurt to ask!
  2. w99


    Can you name the two retail trader friendly firms offering FXall?
  3. last i asked they didn't have 1-click ESP execution but thats a year ago... other than that their liquidity is rather good... i use HSFXi and they've sent me that which u may find useful...
  4. How you finding them over figures? They sem to be getting wider.
  5. correct, 1-2 pips wider than currenex depending on pairs & time window over the last 2-3 weeks it seems... not systematic but still annoying... i've told them that...
  6. Is that all, interesting. Thanks for the feedback.

    On my hotspot the spread has been going say 15 pips wide (especially cable) over figures.

    Time to investigate further I feel. (don't care about 1-2 pips though).
  7. can happen around the first few seconds after the figure on cable, depending on type of figure... liquidity providers are getting smarter recently... HSFXi is 100% anonymous therefore they are less inclined on taking chances there and letting ppl hit them too hard...