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Discussion in 'Forex' started by VTK, Feb 16, 2009.

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    Hello to all!

    Have anyone attended FX XLT(extended learning track)provided by online education vendor?
    (Not so sure about forum rules,so i will not mention exact name of vendor)
    Class is held by Sam Seiden..
    If you did the class what is the experience an is it worth the money?
    Thanx in advance,
  2. Hell no! What a scam!
  3. VTK


    Why do you say so?Please explain it..
  4. lol

    600 to 1200 bucks a day, damn that's one seriously expensive lunch!
  5. Luckily, he accepted my firstborn in lieu of the first week's fee.

    Just trust me on this...you don't even wanna know.
  6. :D

    Sounds like a good deal, he can have my firstborn for free....I'll even throw in the wife!
  7. VTK


    No,not that one.That is like a tea bag.You warm your water and you have your tea in 5 minutes.Too instant for mine taste.I know that is not case whit trading.
    Extended learning track lasts for 3 months,4 times per week,2 hours per session.
    I am really in to this whole thing that Sam is teaching.Supply/demand trading stuff...
    I just could not believe that anyone is able to "sell you the fog" for 3 months.
  8. LMAO!

    Oh...I didn't realize you were a teabag man. There are better forums than ET for that kind of talk.
  9. You may as well post a link, the forum mod's gone awol anyway.
  10. VTK


    Your so funny that i will s**t mine pants!
    Are you here to help other people or to make fun of them!!??:mad:
    It looks like you are bunch of comedians not traders...
    S***w you,you f*****s!
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