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  1. What is cheaper to trade,forex or futures in terms of all costs regarding it?Anyone who switched from futures to FX?
  2. Thanks Wallace,i didn`t mean the margin,what i meant was a transaction cost.Spread on fx vs spread + comms on futures.

    If i trade only 6E futures,wouldn`t it be a bit cheaper to trade eur/usd fx?

  3. Hey (..) In the old days we traded currency futures, but that kind of dried up after forex became available. I guess now it's coming back.

    I'm just learning forex and am only trading in a paper account, but it's a small traders dream. I trade with IB and can put min position on of only 25K for the ususal rt fee at 40 to 1. You can trade any amount you want, so you can custom tailor your position to your account.

    You can get in or out anytime day or night at the market.

    At first nothing happens, but even with just 50k it doesn't take that long for a trade to make you happy or sad.

    Not sure what the tax treatment is, that's the main reason I've always been a futures trader, but you start fooling around in a paper account with a reputable broker and I think you'll have a lot of fun.
  4. Hey man..i only asked if it would be a cheaper to trade fx eur/usd pair instead of the 6E,or not.In terms of transactional costs - spread and cooms on futures and spread only on FX.WTF is wrong with you??Didn`t you get the point,or what?

    I don`t want nor intend fooling around with a paper account!!!
  5. I just want you to have fun. You always seem so pissed off.
  6. also, if you're trading with a spread only firm you'd be better off in a paper account
  7. you`ve got the wrong impression about me.i always have fun!!!:D :D :D

    i am pissed off sometimes,though,b/c i see you and 90% of ETers are sitting almost in front of the major world exchanges and have no fucking clue what`s going on.right! before you fucking noses!!!
  8. i don't need to have a clue, I can just ask on ET what is cheaper?
  9. wouldn`t it be a nice day today to go fuck yourself,don`t you?

    fool around with your paper account
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