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  1. What is the advantage of trading fx when the spreads may be 4 pips [for the likes of AUD] when futures spreads are often only 1 pip

    I'm sure this deabte has appeared on the board before but any comments welcome
  2. One advantage would be the ability to trade in smaller size for those with smaller accounts .
  3. In addition to trading $10,000 lots at 200:1 leverage (or even 400:1) you can also setup a FX account for as little as $300 and no overnight margin increases.

    Interactive brokers requires $10,000 to set up an account to trade futures and the required margin starts at $1215 for each AUD future contract and increases to $2430 for overnight.
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    Some brokers like Oanda offer very tight spreads. Like 0.9 pips and zero comm. on the Euro.

    Then there is the carry trade.