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  1. Hi,

    I have downloaded super signal which cabletradr posted. Anybody tell how to trade by this signal . i have to go long or short when arrow come.
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    please be kidding
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    Hey don't be ashamed. You think you have to holy grail and its a really good feeling. Hold on to it. Your going to need to remember feelings like this in a couple days, or hours I'm not sure how super this super signal is. But in all seriousness, fuck that shit. Do it the old fashion way and gets some books and start there. Read some stuff on TA and then incorporate PA into it. Believe me come back to this in a couple months after some serious work and you will be a lot happier than you would if you take this super indicator. I'm not ragging on you so don't take it the wrong way. I just know from experience.
  5. lol, forex-forex you have simply got to be one of the dumbest people I have ever come across!

    If you read the original post you will see very clearly I said it doesn't work, it was a joke response to someone like you who was trying to sell a Fibonacci system with little arrows for $495!

    Ok, you didn't understand the joke, no surprise there.

    Unlike you forex-forex I'm making money more or less every single day, wheras you have never even posted a trade let alone a blotter.

    You're just toooooooo funny as always :D



    .....and here's today's so far, 25 pips in around an hour.....

  6. Please read the original post, you will see very clearly I said it doesn't work, it was a joke response to someone who was selling a system for $495.

    I repeat, it does not work, it was never meant to work, it was a joke indicator written by Nick Bilak!!!

  7. Here you go forex-forex, while you were sitting there playing with your putz I've finished for the day, 1 hour in the morning, 1 hour in the afternoon :p

    19 trades 19 wins 0 losses 46 pips

  9. Hey PP, how's it going, I saw your pips in Ivan's thread, nice, you guys are on fire over there!

    To be honest I don't really mind whether people post trades or not, if they do then like you say maybe someone can offer helpful advice if they need it. I never joke or take the mickey if people are losing or if they're newbies with questions because we've all been there!

    Unfortunately some people are probably put off posting trades and asking questions because of idiots like forex-forex, he posts stupid comments and to be honest I don't think he actually trades, or even knows how to trade come to that! When I come across fools like that I'll usually post a few blotters and invite them to do the same but for some reason they rarely do :)

    What about this carry-trade unwinding, wow, did you see my Buy on Gbp/Jpy (202.13 at 13.07) that I got fed up holding and closed out 50 minutes later for a massive 3 pips......just before it rallied 130 :(

    On a more positive note Oanda are being great, their platform is solid as a rock, not one disconnection, hardly any slippage, and spreads only widened for a few seconds! If they can keep this up I may have to re-fund my account.....
  10. Thanks cable, however, it is those stupid trades that pops up every now and then that i do that drives me crazy. Still working on patience & discipline. But atleast the account is growing instead of shrinking. Oanda is kicking some butt, however, last friday on the eur/usd it jumped up to a 10pip spread that i have no idea what for. Maybe it was just my platform....lol....

    I agree that some comments can be harsh on the newbies and it is already hard enough going through the learning stage without unwarranted mean comments. If we all be a little more constructive than destructive i believe that is what ET is aiming for.
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