FX trading is the MOST profitable IF you know how

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    I am a fan of futures, futures are my thing

    however, for those able to trade FX with ease because its their "thing"

    it is truly the most profitable, with 150:1

    you could do some major profiteering

    it is sad that if you can or you can not

    its all about your perception of the market or in this case FX pair
  2. I've done very well trading currency but have closed all my accounts due to occasional fraud and manipulation of quotes/orders.

    Guess the little b-stards at Gain Capital got cranky when they consistently lost money taking the opposite sides of my trades.

    If an ethical, reputable, competent (infrequent outages) currency firm exists, I haven't heard of them, yet. Very sad.

  3. FX trading is the MOST dangerous no matter IF you know how! :D
  4. oanda seems good.
  5. helooooooooooo!!!!!!!!

    wake up!?

    Do you really think a broker that sees a trader making good calls will try to get him out of his hair???

    Why would he do that when he can automatically mirror his trades forward on the broker's ECN and make money ?
  6. Yes why is it that people can't grasp the simple concept that it's a win:win for mainstream marketmakers with good liquidity providers, they don't need to manipulate price, run stops, or defraud clients to make money.
  7. i don't know man... they do need a few years to get rid of the paranoia..... "oh my gosh... someone's out to get my lunch".... pfff :)
  8. i call this the Livermore Bucketshop Syndrome.

    they need to understand that in the days of Livermore, a bucketshop had no access and couldn't technologically mirror a trade in real time so that's why they got pissed. not so today... not so.
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    Exactly. Well said.
  10. a broker doesn't need to look for a profitable trading system when it's got profitable traders...
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