Fx Trading Instructors – Prop Traders Wanted!!!

Discussion in 'Events' started by bpeluso, May 16, 2005.

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    <br> If you are a Prop Trader who is looking to supplement your income with a monthly salary without stopping trading OR if you have Prop Trading experience and are looking for a new more stable job, this job is for you. <br>
    FXCM, the leader in spot Forex trading and education, is looking for Stock, Futures, and Forex traders to work as online course instructors. Work in a fast-paced environment where you will teach and discuss the Forex market with novice to intermediate traders. Put your knowledge and experience to work for you in a field that you are passionate about.
    <li>Strong technical analysis skills coupled with a minimum of 2 years trading experience
    <li> The ability to explain trading concepts clearly and strong writing skills
    <li> FX knowledge is a plus but not required.
    <li> Candidates must be open to working 2nd and 3rd shifts. <br>

    <br> </b></I>Compensation and benefits:</b></I> $35k plus quarterly bonus. We also provide full medical benefits. Ours is a fast-growing company with lots of room for advancement. <br>

    <br></b></I>Contact:</b></I> jobs@fxcm.com<br><br><br>
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.