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    Hi, does anyone here has experience with mfglobal for forextrading. I am currently trading FA-accounts with IB using IDEAL pro (which I have absolutely no problems with). However I would like to open accounts with another broker so I will no longer depend on just one broker. I want the broker to be financially stable, the platform must be stable too. Both are more important for me then platform features or lowest pricing since I am swingtrading the markets.

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    For mfglobal you can go to:
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    MFGlobal uses a Currenex front end for retail and smaller institutional clients..

    If you want to trade various brokers, look for a prime brokerage setup. This way you can enter your trades on multiple platforms thus expanding your liquidity partners considerably w/o divvying up the assets between brokers. Open a position on one, close it on another. Your PB will cross the trades at the end of the day. Depending on size of account, you can find a few that will offer it. vCap in Houston offers prime thru FCStone and IB offers prime services too, but haven't spoke to them about it directly to see if they prime for all their products.

    BTW, MFGlobal also one of the bigger/more frequent names I see on EBS.