FX traders...are you ready for "Stimulus" SOARS/TANKS?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by increasenow, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. FX pairs will soar and tank on stimulus news...watch it sunday, monday, tuesday
  2. nravo


    If you mean the dollar will tank across the board I wouldn't count on it. A lot has been baked in.
  3. Increasenow, calm it down you started this same thread already before and didnt get great answers. This bill was known to get passed it is no secret, so big deal. Stop all the hype already
  4. all is cool...totally cool...hey how is your trading going and what are you trading?
  5. Been trading fx the same thing as always since u keep asking everytime u post a new one of these posts. Are you going to stick with one and trade it?
  6. thanks...still looking at forex,SPY options and a little VIX options for me...
  7. USD already pounding the Euro, GBP and Aud...
  8. look at the percent the pairs are up or down , no pounding at all, and its not even a big range, settle down
  9. hey rsikit...what FX paris do you trade again??????