FX Trader in his 20s Spends $323,483 At Liverpool Night Club

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  1. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/fx-trader-spends-323483-liverpool-night-club

    No big deal.
    Lets asume he is trading daddy's account at $100m.
    Not even a billionaire, far, faaar away from the Forbes lists!

    Made 5% in one month for $5M.
    Can you spend just $300k for fun when you're 20smthg? Sure, why not.
    5% a month on Forex, its not even risky, like most CTAs and institutional trading programs. Thats hell conservative type of trading.

    Certainly, the guy from the nearby thread bragging about $350k income in NYC could feel bad :D
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    That's not even close to the biggest bar tab ever, but the girls seem super hot in this club...

    Last summer, I was at the VIP room St Tropez and a Pakistani or Indian milliardaire( I don't remember his name but you usually see it in gossip mags ) started offering drinks to everybody and even bottles to some. I later read the tab was around 800000 $ and it didn't look like an extremely wild party.
  3. Probably a PR exercice from the club's management.
    The girls aren't that beautiful btw, just average saturday night
    dancefloor queens. Personally I think there is nothing more distasteful than those public display of extravagant spending .
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  5. Or the extravagant display of public spending:
  6. at least the pussy was reasonable

    <img src=http://www.mirror.co.uk/incoming/article752281.ece/BINARY/City+businessman+spends+over+%C2%A3200%2C000+at+luxury+nightclub+PlayGround+in+Liverpool>
  7. LOL that service charge is outrageous.
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    Is this one will also turn out to be some Photoshopped hoax?
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    From his website:

    "An entrepruenerial spirit through and through, whilst working full time and in his spare time, Alex also offers private teaching for students interested in learning the tricks of the trade (both one-to-one and small groups), helping others to profit from the liquid market. Many of the individuals travel worldwide to meet with him and glean from his experience."


    Why would he spend time teaching if he's so good at forex??? Maybe this was a stunt to try and sell courses or something.
  10. You realize how the 1% got all this media hype, so you do this??? Kid, you gotta get more original. Too bad the bar doesn't take SIM money.

    Note: I spent over 3.4 billion in bars last year. I was throwing Black Amex cards around like it was nothing...

    that was before 7 central banks froze my account.

    Take my course, I will teach you the ways...

    (see receipt for yacht and jet I bought....110 million, cash).
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