FX these two months

Discussion in 'Forex' started by kalzayani, Jun 10, 2007.

  1. Hi all..
    some might have seen my posts before
    but made a new one
    Into this summer...June and july wouls like to recommend

    cad/jpy long till 133
    eur/chf Long till 1.70
    eur/cad short till 1.38
    usd/cad short till 0.98

    this week from open NZD/USD going to short till 0.7430
    aud/usd short .8470 area till .8320
    USD/JPY Seems Wants north for a while
    from 121.2 till 122.5 into a north rallie much higher in july...maybe 125 + IMO

    gbp/aud not sure but I think will keep on diping into 2.30

    gbp/jpy...might see 235 from 240.1

  2. CAD/JPY
    Longs I think not yet
    Placing Long at 113

    USD/cad shorts IMO not yet
    Probabably at 1.07

  3. eur/usd
    I think wants 1.315

    cable expecting a drop into 1.93 area
  4. usd/chf
    Might see 1.26 soon..
    from 1.2365
    woah...wassssssss up!
  5. I remember when you first came to ET, Kal. I remember thinking that I didn't understand a single thing you said or how you came to your analysis.

    915 posts of yours later, I still don't understand a thing you say or how you come to your analysis.