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Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by mahras2, Sep 27, 2005.

  1. mahras2


    Felt that all systems traders were trading the indices or the commodities. Any of you guys trading FX spot or futs? Whats you style?

    My style falls under mean reversion with trend following aspects. Basically the goal is to identify areas of overextension and reduction of price momentum to locate regions of high probability of a trend reversal. Seems to work pretty well for me :).
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    9th Gate

    I'm using tradestation right now with alerts and its working very nicely. Tradestation is shooting for the end of the year to role out the automated trading on FX, which will be very nice. If you trade only 25 lots RT then the platform fee is waived. But I have some work to do before I can be comfotable with that. :cool:
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    Yea I am actually trying to convert some ideas I have into TS as their backtesting capabilities are supposed to be good. Currently I use Metatrader which is a very good platform although they definitely need to work on their backtesting capabilities.
  4. 9th Gate

    9th Gate

    Before the FX platform roles out I'm going to sign up for one on one day of programming help down at the Tradestation office in FL. They say one day of help is around $1500, well worth it to get all my issues resolved, but if I can work the issues out on my own prior then I'll save the money.

    I'll be sure to let them know in advance that my day starts at 5am and goes until were done. :p
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    1500 for programming lessons! Wow thats quite steep. For the current system I used I just got a programmer to do it for me for 130 dollars lol. But I can understand that it may be possible that the programmer will steal the idea (not a problem for me as my programmer is a high school kid who doesnt know anything about trading :))
  6. Metatrader language is similar to easylanguage,
    but lacks necessary functions and commands to
    do complex trading, as this results TS easylanguage
    to be more powerful.

    You need to master EL before you can manage
    any reliable automation. Paying $1500 for one
    day training gets you no where.

    I think better you spend that $1500 for 10-15 hours
    consultation with any of tradestation EL registered

    Btw, major development with release of Tradestation 8.1
    It's the best charting and analysis platform without
    any doubt
  7. Can you reccommend a decent programmer? I have some Metatrader stuff I would like to backtest and possibly automate...