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  1. I have heard Hotspotfx is available on TT ?!
  2. Yes I recall reading that on their website.
  3. Anybody trading this way ?
  4. I don't think it's available to the public yet. I haven't heard if it is. Try calling your rep and let me know what they say...I'd like to arb / efp some cash to futures myself.
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    you're going to find that quite difficult to do as there have been plenty of systems doing this for years now. The difficulty in doing this (apart from the latency disadvantage you'll have over the banks' prop desks) is selecting you spot fx broker. If you select a retail broker (with an api) like oanda or one that supports metatrader, you'll probably have more opportunities where the spot and fuutres prices aren't aligned but you'll have trouble with the broker for scalping. Alternatively you can try an ecn or similar type platform, retail-wise perhaps ib or mb. But as these are more or less inline with the interbank prices other systems will be using to arb you will encounter the aforementioned latency issues.
  6. I know somebody ...who if they got their hands on such a tool would be dangerous. just an opinion and I will not reveal who it is. I just know...

    God help us, and keep TT and DOM in the drawer. There can be no use for it in the retail secondary market.

    The next thing they will try and do is to give us volume figures to trade from...
  7. Yes please....Inv R/T Market Delta charting with XTrader7 playing the Forex!!!!!!!!!!! :cool: :D
  8. you really must be quiet about what can be done with Linnsoft...Market Delta and TT...

    5p you will not have any PIPS left.

    years ago someone tried to tell the ET brainchilds about Investor R/T...see the reviews on the homepage...This was before there were even Forex Forums on ET.


  9. The Banks said you were making too much money and that you needed some good competition! :D

    ....so I am arming up and getting ready for the hit. :eek:

  10. Would someone tell Plymouth so I can get a Hummer!!!

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