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  1. Has anyone had any experience with FX Solutions as a broker? Both good and bad experiences are welcome. I'm looking to open an account with them and would like to hear from the community.

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    A better question to ask is "where do all the successful forex traders do business?" I don't do business with fx solutions.
  3. Where do you do business?
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    Gain Capital. I am a position trader.
  5. After your account growing up to a certain size, what other platforms you would consider to use besides Gain?
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    Oddtrader, CMC markets trading platform is the most impressive that I have seen for a free trading platform. It has the most technical indicators. Price alerts. You can trade $10,000 lots rather than $100,000 lots if you want to. It is very colorful. You get Dow Jones News and commentary from Ideaglobal. It does remind me of the Knight Ridder that I used a long time ago but without all the premium service. You do not get dealer commentary that Gain Capital provides though. I've always known about CMC markets ever since they opened their doors for business back in the late 90s. However, they didn't have a U.S. office at the time. So I didn't feel like opening an account with them. Then along came Gain Capital. So I said to myself, "Here is this respectable firm with a lot of former Wall Streeters. Can't be bad." I have been with them ever since 2000. Oh, you can arrange a one to one platform overview with the reps at CMC's New York office. They are both courteous and knowledgeable. Anyway, once you've seen a Knight Ridder, Dow Jones Telerate, Reuters, or Bloomberg you will not want to settle for a mediocre trading platform like Oanda. CMC will give you the closest experience you can get to those premium data service providers for free. Afterall, once you've driven a Mercedes do you want to settle for a Geo Metro? :D No! You'll want a Porsche, BMW, Lexus, etc.
  7. Thanks Deptrai. After learning so much marketmaking experience from CMC, now Oanda is my Mercedes. :)
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    So u do business with CMC?
  9. Not anymore. I learned CMC had earned huge profits for its famous British owner.
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