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    FX market is showing clear preference for the New Zealand dollars from today’s open – which is evident by the continuously rising NZD sentiment wave on the intraday FX sentiment chart from the ActiveFX scanner. The NZD sentiment is mirrored by the U.S. dollar sentiment curve accelerating downwards.

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    i would love to learn more about sentiment. Is there anywhere you would recommend starting off?
  3. I have been noticing this for the last few days. Traders have been interested in New Zealand, Australian and Canadian dollars for quite some time. NZD/USD plunged when the Reserve Bank of New Zealand surprised the market by leaving rates unchanged that attracted a lot of buyers at once.
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    Yes FX sentiment is the primary driver in most cases on the FX markets...actually it is not just pure euro and dollar sentiment - it is the dynamic combination of both sentiments affecting each currency pair...our free intraday sentiment fx analyser always tracks these interactions and shows the top affected pairs along with the tactical setups.
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    yes...as you can see from the following chart NZD for example is in a strong bearish sentiment impulse:

    Intraday FX Sentiment dashboard: