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Discussion in 'Forex' started by PrivateTrader, May 6, 2008.

  1. Hey Forex trader, how you all been doing?
    simple question : Can you beat the market?

  2. Yes sure - not a problem!
    Why are you asking?
  3. That is a question you should be asking yourself.
  4. I asked: What can make happy me?
    An opportunity to beat the market !

  5. A spammer with bad english?
  6. What for you malicious such? It simply dialogue. You have bad Russian, I am sure..
    You can be the killer with good English.

    p.s .
    I would like to apologise for any error in the writing of my English ,
  7. My bad - I thought you were Nigerian.

  8. That was a very useful and comprehensive post. Thank you very much!

    :) :D

  9. Íå äàâàéòå îáúÿâëåíèå áåç ïðèãëàøåíèÿ.

    (Don't advertise without expressed permission).

    And don't be too sure that all of us have bad Russian.
  10. Beware of this company, it's a total rip-off scam!
    #10     May 7, 2008