fx orders not getting through on IB

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by gmst, Aug 1, 2011.

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    anyone else experiencing this problem. I cant execute anything in spot fx....fx futures working ok??
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    Now I am able to trade....Did anyone experience the same problem ?? cant get to ib tradedesk yet.
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    bump....anyone experienced the same problem
  4. I traded fx on IB throughout the day and never had any problems.
  5. fishing


    yes i had a problem yesterday

    couldn't close my position for 20 mins which resulted in a 8K loss

    still waiting for their answer.


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    pic: i had a trade that went in my favor intially for an uPnL of 1,337 before going the other way. had a market order which was not executed. called their desk but was put on hold

    finally closed for a 8K loss :mad:
  6. gmst


    yes me too still waiting for their answer. IB has admitted that there was a communication problem between them and their LPs. They are still reviewing the whole thing. I also had a loss but around 1k. 8k is big!
  7. fishing


    too bad i was long eur/chf for a quick scalp but was not able to close the trade when bad ISM number came out :(

    i requested for a compensation but i doubt they'll pay me back anything :mad: :mad:
  8. gmst


    they should payback compensation. Being not able to trade due to no actual liquidity in a market or a terrorist attack somewhere is anothing thing. But being not able to trade because your broker's systems goes bonkers is definitely a broker's responsibility. I also requested a compensation.

    Btw, SNB intervened and I got ********* because I was long till yesterday and finally closed that long in disgust at 1.084. Had I just waited for one more day it would have made good bucks

    :( :(
  9. gmst


    fishing, any word on compensation from ib yet?
  10. They won't pay any compensation for this scenario. Their brokerage agreement is clear that their customers should have an alternate source of quotes and trade capability should they not be able to execute through IB. I'm not saying that's always practical but the language covers them well.
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