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Discussion in 'Journals' started by Wittgenstein, Dec 31, 2008.

  1. Welcome to my FX News Trading Journal. I trade the news, and most of the time with EUR/USD.

    Today we only have one piece of action:

    Unemployment Claims


    But I will also watch Crude Oil Inventories.

    Let's see what happens...:)
  2. I'm looking at GBPUSD.... would you trade this as a retest of the prior triple bottom...taking a short above 1.4600?
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  3. I don't know. I only trade the news.
  4. Second thoughts about Jobless Claims:

    I should have traded the news with EUR/JPY - it went right up 120 pips after the news. Very nice action.
  5. The UK data involved no big surprises - so no trade. It's also difficult to make news trades in Cable because of the 10-15-20 pips spreads just after the news.
  6. Nice move in EUR/USD after the ISM data.

    PS. I can't understand the rally in stock indexes after such bad news, but who cares?