FX MOST liquid Crosses top ten..

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  1. The EUR/USD is definite the most liquid cross there around..
    after that I think most certainly GBP/USD

    What is the most liquid crosses, top 10 or 20..?

    A fellow trader, who was trading one of the "major" currencies, had a overnight position, and he got a really BAD fill in his stop-loss order overnight, (several hundred pips)
    He uses a pretty large brooker for FX trading,
    And I was thinking about it,and it's kind of scary not getting a fill after altmost 1%...

    And anyone else had a really bad fill, in their stop-loss order?,
    because of big move..

    And how would you rank the most liquid crosses,?

    thanks for answers,comments..
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    from what i understand no matter what pair you trade during a big move (Mostly during news tho) even in the EUR/USD one of the top 4 Pairs, there is always a chance you will get a bad fill do to illiquidity during certain times. Also 10 or 20 most liquid crosses... i know about the 4 majors, the USD/JPY EUR/USD USD/GBP USD/CHF (Not 100% sure in what order but they are the 4 majors)
  3. Bongo972


    I'm thinking the most liquid are EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD and USD/CHF in that order.

    After that probably EUR/GBP, EUR/CHF and EUR/JPY.
  4. Any of the G7 currencies

    And when exactly did your fellow trader have 'several hundred pips' slippage?
  5. It was the GBP/NZD some months ago, Dont know which brooker he was using for that trade.

    Anyone with similar experience?

    Lot's of nice trends with ex. East european currencies, PLN/euro..etc..
    But kind of scary, because of the liquidity..
  6. RedDuke


    Those of you that trade retail forex need to understand that you do not participate in this 2 trillion dollars a day liquidity.

    This liquidity exists in intra bank market only, in which you do not participate. So, from your perspective it does not matter what is liquid or not.

    You are trading in virtual world of your broker/market maker that just gets data feeds from several banks, but your orders are always booked inside, and are either matched with others in this platform or MM is on the other side of your trades.

    I highly recommend for those trading spot fx to switch to CME currency futures, this way you will participate in real market.

  7. The CME is not what I'd call liquid for anything other than USD crosses. Forget GBP/JPY or EUR/AUD (which are fairly liquid over spot). But indeed, the CME futures market is closer to being a 'real' market compared to the Market Making space.

    But, if you have the funding, go with an ECN or better yet an aggregated ECN (one that pulls multiple liquidity sources together. Dukascopy and VCAP are two examples of this. VCAP is very hard to get into unless you are an institutional trader, since they have a very high monthy trading volume minium. Dukascopy has no limit and probably provides the greatest market depth I have even seen on the majors (400 mill depth on EUR/USD is possible during NY/London session).

  8. More garbage from RedPuke, I've lost track of the number of times I've put him straight......I guess some people just can't grasp the basic concepts no matter how many times you tell 'em :p
  9. Cable, what did he say that was so off the mark? It is true that most retail traders never get access to true interbank liquidity.
  10. Where does he think marketmakers hedge their exposure?

    I guess it depends on which marketmaker you use, at this level most mainstream shops run the same business model give or take.

    If anyone wants to trade in the interbank market they'll need at least a couple of million and trade plenty of volume and even then it's going to be with someone like Deutsche Bank (Autobahn), everything else the broker is counterparty regardless of what they say in their sales pitch about ECN models and STP.

    Futures is fine if you're paranoid about being screwed by your broker and only trade G7 but check prices, they're more or less identical.

    Maybe you guys are in a different league but most of us on forums like these rarely trade more than a few million.
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