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Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by capamando, Feb 17, 2006.

  1. Hello,

    I am new at Forex Trading so forgive me if this question is naive and or stupid. If my understanding is correct FX Master Alert Signal Service made 400+ Pips in January. Now they even offer an automatic trading of their signals. So, does that means that if I had subscribed to these services in January, I could have made $4000 more or less? Please, I need a reality check. Oh, by the way for the cynical ones on this forum, I am not trying to promote anything. I am seriously interested in the expertise of the members of this forum.

    Thank You for your time.
  2. Peter35


    It's true that you can make 4000$ from +400 pips if you are trading standard lots. Anyway, you should know that you may have a drawdown that costs you 700 or 800 pips. If you are going to trade Fxmaster signals then trade mini lots and keep your risk as low as 2% per trade. With this low risk, you will withstand drawdowns and make profit on the long run.
  3. They lost 450 pips in February. You could have lost $4500.

    Then they lost 950 pips in March. You could have lost another

    They are up in April, but you would have blown out your
    account by now.
  4. Peter35


    You wouldn't have blown out your account if you risk as low as 1% or 2% of your trading balance in a single trade.

    If you risk 2% per trade then you may be down 20% of your balance but on the long run they manage to recover losses and their net result during the past 3 years is more than +10,000 pips.

    I'm satisfied if i make from 5% to 20% profit per month but if you are trying to double your trading balance in short time then you will never survive any drawdown
  5. Truff


    anybody know what these guys did in JUNE? They seem to post reults fast when they are up and wait a few weeks into the month if they are down. One negative thing i don't like. The track record is very good if its real. Any thoughts?