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  1. Still holding positions.

    Aud/usd: +91 pips
    Eur/usd: +150 pips
    Gbp/usd: +231 pips
    Usd/cad: +47 pips
    Usd/chf: +80 pips
    Usd/jpy: -64 pips

    open positions +1.62%
  2. I'm going to delete trolls from this thread. If you don't like the OP, put him on ignore.
  3. Awesome thread, Paul. Would you mind showing your blotter?
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  5. I just find it a bit suspicious that the "profit" report came less than 5 minutes after the first post. Ivanovich, if we want to maintain the credibility of this thread, please confirm no other edits were made from the initial post and for each post he's posting trades. That's the only way I'd accept this thread.
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    Whats ur average draw-down on profitable trades?

    @ 1.62% up 500+ pips, I'd reckon ur a wee-bit conservative with position sizing.
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    It "came so fast" because if you paid attention, the positions were entered 2 days ago and posted in a thread that is now closed:


    Follow what is given and give it a chance to play out. Don't make this another sicktrader thread.

    (sorry Ivan if you think this is hijacking)
  8. Of course you may discuss anything as long as it's done professionally. If you disagree with the OP's style/method or anything else, state why. Don't use direct attacks.
  9. There's no way to track whether someone is editing their post, but after 30 minutes, the forum does not allow you to alter posts.
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