FX is basically me (the traders) vs the FX firm?

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  1. Is this correct?
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    it depends on the broker you are trading with
  3. You Wish

    You Wish

    Cabletrader which is a guy on ET who opened account with Oanda

    he is trading against Oanda

    so if your broker is a bucket shop like Onada you are on your own

    Cabletrader opened with Oanda because IB requires 10 k to open account :p
  4. Hey Oanda isn't bad for a MM. They are the only MM I would trade with. Friends of mine have traded with them for over 6 months with very few problems.
  5. The broker I would choose would definitely be MB Trading, especially since they are going to use the MetaTrader4 platform soon (they're still testing it).

    Once they are done testing, this would be the only MetaTrader broker I trust.
  6. What's the big deal with MT4 anyway? Good charts, but horrible order entry. For that much every forex platform I have demoed is a dog compared to futures. So many clicks just to make a trade. As my friend said it's to their advantage to make it slow, more spread earned. :D MB seems legit but expensive.

  7. Once you start getting familiar with MT4, it's a breeze....plus I use a lot of keyboard shortcuts.

    Since the spreads are so tight with MB Trading, I don't really notice the commission prices. I guess depending on the lot size you trade, the commission can be the cost of one pip, which you can make up in the tight spreads.
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    No, your trading against ur self.:)
  9. You've got it, while others still don't get it.:)
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