fx is a dead game

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  1. Thank go I aint in Japan, but no worries, 25 x margin is still more then enough. Way more then needed or should be used!
  2. This is one measure they have to protect the JPY from getting smashed again.
  3. 50:1 margin limit for Japanese brokers does not make the forex a "dead game".
  4. -There are now over 100 currency margin brokerages in Japan, with margin requirements that vary from 20 to several-hundred-fold.-

    DOMO DOMO !!!


  5. Dead?


    50:1 or 25:1 anything ain't dead. Futures is just around 20:1 now so is it dead too?

    Looks good to me for a dead market.
  6. No the real threat to FX is a move back to fixed exchange rates.
    I trade currencies but I am for a fixed exchange rate system . Floating rates are an economic plague that profits only to bankers and speculators.
  7. Actually this is not that far off. Even Soros would agree that the benefits of such a floating system are starting to dwarf the downsides.

  8. Well, while you ROTFLYAO, consider this: There is also the threat to price action. Things might get a lot choppier with lower levels of leverage. fx futures is around 1:60, not 1:20.
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