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    Does anyone know where I can find cheap FX historical data that can be imported to excel? I don't care about the quality of their backtesting or other services, I can do my own programming. I just need the raw data. I just backtested a system over 800 time periods by hand, and would prefer never to do that again in my life. Thanks a lot.
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    Take a look in Forex Practice. The data cannot be exported, but you can test your strategy on their platform, and program your own system and indicators and you can back test it on historic data of about two years detailed by the minute. It is not free, but worth the money, anyway you can use the free version first.
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    I am looking for daily FX data going back as far as possible. I tried MLdownloader but it does not go back far. I did get a good history of GBPCHF from http://moneycentral.msn.com/home.asp but other pairs seem to be lacking. I do not mind paying and am going to try http://www.findata.co.nz/ but they only have 15 years. Any other sources for daily fx data?