FX futures on Thanksgiving

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    Is anyone trading FX futures Thursday and Friday? How's volume usually then? :confused:
  2. Typically volume is thin on both days, but trading range is tight on Thursday and wild on Friday:
  3. Nice thanks, i never knew that before, i wonder why the surge on Friday.
  4. Because more players are trading in a thin market.
  5. Have you got one for Eur/Aud?
  6. Just look at eur/usd and aud/usd, or simply just look at eur/usd, if eur is flying either way, it will show up on eur/aud pair. Bottom line as long as the majors have attention the crosses transitively will have as well.
  7. Thanks for the suggestion but the range is a lot wider though, and correlation isn't constant (perhaps due to RBA intervention?)

  8. I wasn't referring to correlation of their time series. I was referring to the mechanics of how the eur/aud is affected by the respective currencies movement relative to the dollar.
  9. Go eat some turkey. Nobodys trading, markets are going to be shit.

    Or maybe fade extremes at a fixed spread broker to teach them a lesson.
  10. yep, not trading, if i see some movement on Friday, i will take a bite but if european early morning trading is dead, then forget it.
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