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  1. Moved buy stop on GJY/USD to .8575 (short at .8527)
  2. stopped out of GJY/USD today at .8575 for 48 pips loss

    Still short the GAD/USD from .7385
  3. Closed out GAD/USD at .7375 for 10 pips profit. Entries were early on both the Yen trade and this one. I am a successfull position trader who is trying out the day/short term thing in Fx futures and will be refining his short term technique.
  4. This looks like a good place to get long the GAD/USD intraday, but I will be sometimes placing trades and sometimes watching as I get the intraday movements down. This time I will watch.
  5. GEC/USD has the look of carving out an intraday bottom, while GJY/USD looks like it has more downside. Again, watching for now and learning the intraday patterns.
  6. GJY/USD showing preliminary signs now of intraday bottom as well.
  7. I have just shorted EUR/USD at 1.1951

    I am going to place stops with the trades in this journal as they are short term trades (not my typical style, but I will give it a whirl for a bit and see if I can do any good with the intraday stuff). Buy stop at 1.1979
  8. Why are you bearish the Euro?
  9. I'm not. I am just going to day trade here to see if I can get good at it. Trades may be a few minutes or a few hours.
  10. Whats your technical reasoning then? I am also considering this trade as it looks like a pull back in an on going down trend giving a nice entry point. EDIT
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