FX Futures Depth of Market (D.O.M.)

Discussion in 'Financial Futures' started by Chicago_CTA, Mar 1, 2013.

  1. Having revisited an old friend for the first time in years, I was surprised to see CME's FX Future DOMs to be only 5-levels deep.

    Great liquidity in 6E and 6B, 70-150 contracts advertised at each level, and good turnover.

    Is there a deeper level of information, say 10-deep that I'm just not subscribed to? I thought at this point ALL CME Globex markets were displayed 10-deep.

    This doesn't necessarily affect our strategies, but can anyone provide color on this?

    I did a "Search" but did not find my result.

    Thanks, traders.

  2. Eyez


    I think most front-end software only show you 5 levels deep to not overload the platform. I believe you can get 10 levels through API connection to CME.

    ie. XTRADER shows 5 levels of CL whereas CQG/CTS show 10.. and infinite levels of depth for ICE products
  3. T4 shows 5-levels. I get 10-levels on everything else using this platform, including metals, energy, ags, treasuries, etc.
  4. XTrader shows deeper levels with proper customization. See the manuals; 'Maximum Depth Levels'..
  5. Yep, TT changed that a few years ago. Change you setting for levels of depth and reboot XT. You'll get what you asked for if the exchange pushes it out.
  6. All the IMM currencies are still 5 levels, it's an exchange limitation.
  7. JohnHar


    I agree that instruments staring from 6 have 5 levels... but which is diffeence in trading taktiks? I don't know. for me there are know difference in 5 or 10 levels...