FX Demo that does not expire?

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by short&naked, Jan 14, 2010.

  1. I am looking for a good fx demo account that does not reset.
    Any ideas? (a simulation might be better, as I do not require real-world fills on orders).
  2. Oanda.
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  4. Be aware that FX demo accounts change quotes slightly in your benefit to fool you into believing you'll make money trading forex.

    Once you deposit real money, they change the quotes slightly against you.
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    You can open micro accounts for as little as $200-500 with many forex bucket shops.

    That is probably a much better way to practice, IMO.
  6. Oanada's FXGame is identical to the FXTrade feed but their charting is very limited so i
    also use MetaTrader 4 because of the comprehensive charting tools + historical data
    MT 4 is available from many brokers, most now use STP, i use Alpari NY unlimited demo
    they go to 5 decimal points
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  8. Hm, yeah. ;)
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    There are brokers who do this, and there are brokers who don't. If it matters to you, find one who doesn't, and demo there.
  10. Yeah, that is very true. Well I think acm has a pretty decent platform, and there is no difference between with the real, but it expires after a month :S
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